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High-Speed DSL

Residential 1.5Mb DSL Express:

Residential 3.0Mb DSL Pro:

Residential 6.0Mb DSL Elite:

Business 1.5Mb DSL Express:

Business 3.0Mb DSL Pro:

Business 6.0Mb DSL Elite:

Installation Fee
- Call for Details -

* Price when you pay for 6 months and get the 7th month free!
768Kb-1.5Mb download and 256Kb-384Kb upload DSL Express
1.5Mb-3.0Mb download and 384Kb-512k upload DSL Pro
3.0Mb-6.0Mb download and 512Kb-768k upload DSL Elite
You *must* have an AT&T phone line to get DSL service

UP Logon is now offering HIGH SPEED DSL service throughout the UP of Michigan. Service is available in upgraded AT&T areas listed below. We are always adding more areas, so please call to find out of we can provide DSL to your home or business.

Amasa Bergland Bark River
Bessemer Calumet Champion
Channing Houghton Chassel Crystal Falls
Cornell Curtis Engadine
Escanaba Gladstone Gwinn
Houghton Hancock Harvey Iron Mountain
Iron River Ironwood Ishpeming
Keweenaw Kingsford Lake Linden
Michigamme Mackinac Island Menominee
Marquette Negaunee Norway
Newberry Powers Rock
Republic Rapid River Sault Ste Marie
St Ignace Stephenson Wakefield
Watersmeet Vulcan

Contact our office for additional information.

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