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We currently offer 56K dial-up internet services for the Escanaba, Iron Mountain, Marquette, Rock, Hermansville, Powers, and Iron River areas. We also offer ISDN access for Escanaba, Iron Mountain, Iron River, and Marquette.

Buy 6 months, get the 7th free!

If you decide to pay for 6 months' access in advance, you'll receive your 7th month at no charge.  This does not apply to our limited access account.

Terms and Conditions

Additional e-mail boxes are available for $1.95 extra per month per box for home users, and $2.95 per month per box for business users.

We also offer ISDN, which is a 128K dedicated Internet line, making it over twice as fast as a dial-up connection. You must have your telephone company run the line to your home or business before you will be able to get it set up. One of the great things about ISDN is that you can be online and still use your phone, so this is a great solution for those who have a dedicated internet line. Residential ISDN is $39.95 plus any charges incurred by your phone company. Business ISDN is $89.95 plus any charges incurred by your phone company.

Web Hosting/Web Design
Web hosting and web design are two more services that we offer. For pricing, please visit our web hosting / design page.

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