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Welcome to the technical support area of our website. Please consult this area before calling in for technical support.

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Setting up the Internet
Connecting to the Internet
Setup / Troubleshooting E-Mail
Fastnet Support

General configuration settings:
DNS or Name Servers: Server assigned
News (NNTP) Server:

General E-Mail settings:

For more detailed E-Mail Setup instructions please use the Setup / Troubleshooting E-Mail link.

Inbound Servers:
Type Server Address Port
POP Server (SSL) 995
IMAP Server (SSL) 993
Outbound Servers:
Type Server Address Port
SMTP Server (SSL) 465
SMTP Server (Non-SSL)* 25, 587, 8025, 2525
*For non-SSL SMTP, you can use any of the ports listed. Some networks block port 25, which is why we provide the alternate ports.

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