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One Time Fees
    Main Page                                       $200.00 (text, logo, two pictures)
    Additional Pages                              $50.00

Add-On Fees

    E-Mail Form                                   $50.00
    (Customer contact form for visitors)
    Custom CGI Code                         $50.00/hr
    Other Scripts                                  $50.00/hr
    Web Store                                     $50.00/hr

Hosting Fees
    Personal Site (Customer Designs)    $9.95/mo or $99.95/yr
    Business Site (Customer Designs)    $19.95/mo or $199.95/yr
    Business Special (With dial-up acct) $14.95/mo or $149.95/yr
    Business Special (We design)           $14.95/mo or $149.95/yr

Included with site
    Two hours training
    Access to log file
    CGI-bin for scripts
    Server-side includes (SSI)
    FTP access for file transfer
    Required by customer - submission to search engines, marketing plan
    Two e-mail addresses (
    SSL - Secured Socket Link

InterNIC Domain Registration
Setup for a domain ( is $50.00; this includes all processing and name server requirements.  InterNIC charges $70.00 for the first two years.  These fees, $120.00, are due up front before we can register a domain name for you.

NOTE:  Submitted material should be on a 3.5" floppy saved as ascii, text, or plain text.  Digital images should be in GIF, JPG, or TIFF formats.  Brochures and photographs are also acceptable.  Existing sites may be taken from disk or online.

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