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Dial-Up Networking setup for Windows ME

1. Click on Start and then Settings and then Dial-Up Networking.

2. This will bring up the Dial-Up Networking window.

3. Double click on the Make New Connection icon to start the configuration process. You'll be prompted to enter a name for your connection. Simply type in U.P. Logon.

4. On the next screen you'll be prompted to enter the phone number for your connection. Select one of the numbers you were provided with when you signed up. If you are unsure if a call is local or not, you must contact your telephone company and determine if one of our dial up numbers fits into your local calling plan.

5. After completing the configuration wizard, you'll be back at the Dial-Up Networking window with your newly created icon. Right Click on your new U.P. Logon icon and select Properties from the menu.

6. Click on the Networking tab and verify that Enable Software Compression and TCP/IP are checked.

7. Click the OK button.

8. You are now ready to use your U.P. Logon dial-up connection

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