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Dial-Up Networking setup for Windows XP

1. From the Start button, select Control Panel and then Network and Internet Connections. Then click on Network Connections at the bottom, and Create a new connection in the upper left.

2. From there, select Connect To The Internet to begin configuration of your dial up account.

3. Select Set up my Connection Manually and click on Next to proceed.

4. Specify that you wish to connect via a Dial Up Modem.

5. Specify a name for your connection.

6. Specify a phone number to dial into. This number should have been provided for you when you signed up for an account.

7. Enter your username. Enter your password twice to confirm it, and enable the options that you wish to use. If you're unsure, you can leave all of the options enabled.

8. The last step is to Add a shortcut to the Desktop to complete the configuration. You should now be able to dial in and access the web via the browser of your choice.

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